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4 Major Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

4 Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy flooring is one of the types of industrial finishes that gets poured over concrete and is often used for polishing and sealing. It can be used for industrial floors or residential areas. Epoxy flooring solutions are ideal for:

    • Industrial warehouses
    • Auto garages
    • Commercial bathrooms
    • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
    • Commercial kitchens
    • Veterinary offices and kennels
    • Locker rooms and shower rooms
    • Medical offices

Here are some of the major benefits that epoxy floors can provide.

It lasts a long time

Epoxy becomes very hard after it cures. Unlike other floor solutions, it is extremely durable. It can withstand being driven over by forklifts and heavy machinery and still last for years. In fact, epoxy flooring can last up to a decade.

It’s easy to clean

Once cured, epoxy flooring becomes virtually seamless and has zero pores, much like glass. This means it’s easy to clean off anything that may spill onto it because nothing can soak in. This also means that it is almost completely stain-resistant. Meanwhile, carpets can be gross. Research shows that carpet contain up to 100 times more allergens than hard floors.Yet, the quality of epoxy coating makes it ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical preparation, and packaging plants.

It’s environmentally friendly

Epoxy flooring is actually good for the environment. Its integrity once cured means that it will not erode or dissolve into the environment via air fumes or trace amounts of water. Also, because it lasts so long, you don’t have to recoat it very often, so less cleaning agents and chemicals are needed overall.

It’s pretty

Last but not least, epoxy flooring is aesthetically pleasing. When it dries, it offers a high-gloss shine that cannot be achieved by other industrial finishes. Epoxy also comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can choose a solid color or even create a decorative pattern using more than one color.

If you’re looking for industrial finishes, epoxy flooring is a great option. It lasts a long time, it’s easy to clean, it’s environmentally friendly, and it looks great. You’ll save yourself a lot of money with epoxy flooring, and you’ll be helping out the environment too. That’s a win-win we can all root for.

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