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How To Best Maintain Your Polished Concrete Floor?

There are different types of flooring used such as vinyl, hardwood, ceramic, laminate and more. With the changing times and trends, polished concrete floors have come to the market as the latest trend. They are becoming popular among contractors around the world.

A polished concrete floor does not require waxing and stripping every year, unlike Vinyl floor. Users can save their lot of money by getting a polished concrete flooring in their places or offices. It requires a low maintenance. However, every flooring system needs some sort of care and maintenance to keep its finish and shine intact. Maintaining a polished concrete flooring is more convenient and affordable for all users.

However, as we said that every kind of flooring requires some sort of maintenance, so do a polished concrete flooring as well. When we compare the maintenance of a polished concrete flooring with other kinds, it is easier and more convenient to do so. Yet, it needs to consider certain points while keeping these floors in best possible shape.

Let us take a look at some of the most helpful tips to maintain a polished concrete flooring.

Plan a Maintenance Schedule

Prior to your planning to make a maintenance schedule, you have to consider the type of the floor. You need to consider a few things such as the type of coating. The coating will determine that what the floor should be cleaned with. Moreover, your floor polishers will be able to help you with your maintenance schedule based on the type of coating you have.

On the basis of your floor coating analysis, you can conveniently follow the schedule to ensure your floor remains in the best possible condition. It will help you make sure that dirt and debris are removed in the most appropriate way. Hence, you do not need to worry about the sandpaper effect on your floor.

Points To Consider While Cleaning Floor

1 Clean the spills immediately after you notice them, which will reduce the chances of getting stubborn stains.

2 Try to collect the large debris with hands.

3 Use a soft-bristled broom or an untreated microfiber dust mop.

4 Make sure that the mops are slightly damp and not soak them wet.

5 Do the floor cleaning in sections.

6 You may have auto-scrubbed floors if there are settings as per the recommendations of the manufacturer.

7 Make use of only recommended pads on the floor.

8 Make sure to properly dilute the polished solution before using it.

9 You can use a mop for the sections not reached by the auto-scrubber.

It is to be noted that you should never use acidic cleaners like Pine-Sol, vinegar, bleach, ammonia, or alkaline cleaners. Also, make sure you do not make use of any tools such as Swiffer Wet Jets, as they can move dirt around and scratch the coating.

Burnish Your Floor On The Basis Of Traffic

There are certain areas of the floor that have high traffic and need to burnish more compared to other sections. Moreover, there are lots of other factors that affect the gloss level of the flooring. In the case of any doubts, you can inquire about the same with your Minneapolis & St. Paul floor polishing company to help you. The simple logic goes like, you need to burnish the high traffic areas of the floor than the ones that have a low traffic. Burnishing is usually, done twice a year. You may also go for Spot treatment to make your floor look like new.

Test Your Floor Regularly

When you own a fabulous and beautiful flooring, it is very important that you should get it tested at regular intervals. It will help you determine that your current maintenance schedule is properly working or needs any improvement or changes in the same. You can follow the tests on your floor throughout its life.

Maintaining a polished concrete flooring is easier, convenient, and more affordable compared to the other types of floors. As long as you follow the recommended maintenance plan, your floor should meet the appearance and performance standards again and again.

On – 23 Mar, 2018 By krysta Jakson

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