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How To Do Amazing Metallic Epoxy Floor!

4298365 views   10758 likes   2406 dislikes   Channel: Garage Kings   Watch this Metallic Epoxy Floor. In this video it focuses on the top metallic coat being applied. This video has commentary from Garage Kings coatings expert Jamie

Step by step Epoxy Floor [Case Study]: How to apply from start to finish (2018)

126252 views   818 likes   57 dislikes   Channel: LearnCoatings – Epoxy Flooring Training for online learning to learn about our epoxy flooring products This video is based on a recent project we completed. We show

How To Build A Concrete Roller Stamp EASY!!!

118831 views   1471 likes   74 dislikes   Channel: TheHowtoDad   How to Build your own Concrete stamp using easy to source materials. Check Out Leo’s Channel: Support Leo’s Project: Bed Plans: For this project you

TERRCO INC. Dyeing and Polishing Concrete Demo

39949 views   54 likes   4 dislikes   Channel: TerrcoFPV – Ever wonder how to grind, polish and even dye concrete. This demo will take you through the basics of the Terrco process from start to finish.

Easiest Epoxy Floor Design Using Metallics & Isopropyl Alcohol | You Can Do This Coating Yourself

1060 views   106 likes   0 dislikes   Channel: Leggari Products   This video will show you how simple it is to install this technique on an epoxy floor. It has a black epoxy base. We used isopropyl alcohol

Creative Metallic Epoxy Installation – Metallic Epoxy Floor

813909 views   2524 likes   201 dislikes   Channel: Epoxy Plus   You can change the look of your home, office or retail floor by using the Metallic Epoxy Floor System from Epoxy Plus. Epoxy Plus designer epoxy (EP-E100)

4 Colors to Create Earth Tone Stone Coat Countertops Using Epoxy

567 views   78 likes   3 dislikes   Channel: Stone Coat Countertops   In this video we learn how to remodel countertops in place using 4 simple spray paint colors! This Earth Tone Epoxy Resin Recipe used from Stone

AWESOME Flagstone Patio Overlay!!! – Cypress TX

8359 views   43 likes   5 dislikes   Channel: David Stein   Watch Cypress TX Concrete Artisan David Stein resurface this concrete patio with a beautiful flagstoned concrete overlay. This druable, elegant patio coating will last for years to

Polishing Concrete with Imperfections

14928 views   41 likes   3 dislikes   Channel: Concrete Network   Can this concrete floor be polished? Watch this video to find out. Many variables determine whether your concrete can be polished. Look specifically for surface blemishes and

Making Our Own Concrete Countertops! Did I Just Ruin the Cabinets!?

4941 views   542 likes   8 dislikes   Channel: Sam and Nia   We decided to take on pouring the concrete countertops at the cabin ourselves and I’m not so sure it was a good idea. Subscribe Here!

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