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For beauty, elegance, and durability, few flooring materials can compare to the stunning potential of expertly crafted concrete floor finishes. Our directory connects you to the most skilled concrete flooring professionals in your area to bring your vision to life.

The Beauty and Elegance of Concrete Floors

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Concrete flooring has come a long way from its purely industrial roots. When properly finished and maintained, concrete floors can be a beautiful, elegant, and incredibly durable addition to any residential or commercial space. 

Modern techniques like polishing, staining, engraving, and overlaying now allow for stunning concrete floors with the appearance of natural stone, wood, or tile but with the strength and timeless qualities inherent in concrete. Concrete floor finishes are highly customizable, able to complement any décor aesthetic from modern minimalism to Old World classic. Yet they require little maintenance, resist scratches and stains, and will last for decades with simple care. 

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Frequently asked questions is a directory of Concrete Contractors that specialize in professional concrete flooring solutions. As you are searching for a local professional these FAQ's can help you make a good decision on who to choose.

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  • How do I find concrete flooring contractors in my area?

    Our directory allows you to search for concrete flooring pros by zip code or city/state to find specialists near you. You can also filter by services offered to match your project needs.

  • What types of concrete flooring can these pros provide?

    Concrete flooring pros can deliver services for polished concrete, stained concrete, stamped concrete, concrete overlays and resurfacing, Epoxy floor coating, and more – for residential or commercial needs.

  • Does your service cost anything for me to use?

    No, our service is completely free for you to use to connect with concrete flooring contractors in your area to get estimates for your project.

  • What should I ask when gathering estimates?

    Be sure to ask about their experience, examples of past work, timeline, warranties, and what prep work is included to make an informed decision. Discuss your budget and the types of concrete, finishes, and features you want. Ask about maintenance and care requirements for the concrete flooring as well. Request an itemized estimate breakdown so you can easily compare bids.

  • How can I be sure I'm getting a fair price?

    Get at least 3 estimates from our prescreened pros so you can compare pricing. Be sure to get quotes for the same scope of work. Our directory makes it easy to gather multiple bids.