June 21, 2018

9 Good Reasons Why Polished Concrete Floors Are Better Than Other Flooring Options

 9 Reasons Why Polished Concrete Floors Are Better Than Any Other Flooring Options: For a long time now, polished concrete floors have become indisputably the most popular and widely used flooring option.

This flooring option is used either for residential, industrial or commercial spaces.

As the need for this floor arises, more people get to learn about this option and chose to use it. The growing popularity of polished concrete floors is mainly credited to the many benefits that polished floors offer.

If you are in the midst of researching what floor to consider for your home or business, you can check out these reasons why polished floors are the best among the types of floors.

Reasons why polished concrete floors are better

  1. They are very versatile – Unlike some types of flooring like hardwood and ceramic tiles, polished concrete Houston floors are found everywhere from residential to commercial and industrial places. They are also highly recommended by professionals like who know everything about the flooring systems.
  2. They are highly durable and sustainable – Polished concrete floors are known to be more durable than any other flooring options. Vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, and linoleum are nothing compared to the polished concrete. Polished concrete floor usually last up to 10 years with low maintenance.
  3. They are eco-friendly – Polished concrete floors do not use any hazardous chemicals in installation or maintenance. It does not allow any mold, mildew or allergens to accumulate on the surface. They are energy efficient because heat accumulated from the rays of sun or light can greatly reduce the energy consumption and lower your power bills. Polished concrete floors also improve indoor air.
  4. The best economical option – This is the most affordable flooring option today. All these others hardwood, laminate, vinyl are all highly priced and not easily affordable. The cost differs depending on your quality of floor at the time of installation. If you already have a slab concrete, the costs become minimal.
  5. Brings about sophistication and aesthetics – The smooth gloss look provides you with sophistication and finesse. The polished stone glossary flooring reflects the light in an appealing manner. Most restaurants, theatres, and museums, as well as high-class residences go for this kind of floor.
  6. Requires low maintenance – Polished concrete floors are so easy to maintain. They only require sweeping and occasional damp mopping. There is nothing else required to maintain the high gloss except the simple tasks. You are guaranteed that your floor will look great with very minimal care.
  7. It is one floor that remains mark and stain-free – Polished concrete floors are by far the best floors when it comes to marks and stains. They do not get either of them, making them the best for commercial and residential use. It does not leave any tire marks either.
  8. Allows an enhanced ambient lighting – Polished concrete floors for your residence or commercial use provide good lighting inside. The shiny and smooth surface absorb the light and illuminate the rooms up to 30%.
  9. It is available for immediate use – Due to the fact that no chemicals are used in the installation process or polishing, the concrete floors are ready for use immediately after installation.



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