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7 Things You Must Know About Polished Concrete

7 Things You Must Know About Polished Concrete

Concrete is one of the top materials for construction purposes from building walls to creating floors and finishes. It is possible to add an urban and industrial look to your home, office or any commercial space using concrete. With new ideas and innovation, it has been possible to create smooth and polished sheen look with concrete. You can enhance the décor and interior design to another level with different shades of polished concrete render on walls and floors.

Benefits of Using Polished Concrete Render for The Spaces

Having polished concrete render for walls and floors can have a lot of benefits for big and small residential and commercial spaces. If done correctly, polished concrete can provide durability and low-cost maintenance solution for the building. From the cost and even versatility point of view, this finish can be ideal for many places.

  • The concrete offers high durability feature and is very strong. These can withstand any impact and still remain as it is for a longer period of time. Polished concrete is difficult to get damaged by any impact.
  • As the concrete is so strong and durable, they can last really long. If done properly, the finish will remain as it is for a really long time span.
  • The cost of installing concrete walls and floors and creating polished finish is much less as compared to the counterparts. Not only the installation cost is less but also the maintenance cost is low.
  • The polished concrete is very easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need any expensive item for the maintenance of polished concrete floors.
  • You have a lot of options in the design section when you are using polished concrete. Color and texture can be used as per your creativity to decorate the space.
  • If you are using polished concrete finish for your floor, you are getting the benefits of the slip-resistant, chemical-resistant and moisture-resistant floor.
  • It is environmental friendly material that doesn’t emit any harmful VOC, unlike the synthetic counterparts.

Polish Cement as Finish Plaster 

The use of concrete as a finish on walls and floor was limited to garages and cellars but with time it has evolved into one of the top modern solutions for all spaces. Today many homes, offices and commercial spaces are opting for polished concrete render on walls and floors. Not only does it look elegant and modern but on the practical side, it is durable with the long lifespan and resistant to wear.

Applying Concrete on The Wall: 

The technique used to finish the plaster using concrete is known as the purge. Using the right mix of sand and concrete, the plaster is created. The thickness or fineness of sand can determine the smoothness of the wall. Lime or gypsum can be used for finishing as well. First, the raw wall is sanded and then plastering is done. After the walls are dry, wipe them with cement dust and using mason’s wood trowel you can make the surface smooth to maximum level. This is a natural semi-gloss stage that can be left to dry for some time. You can then put two or three coats of transparent flatting paint on the wall. The walls absorb the paint and the effects are created accordingly.

Applying Finish On a Concrete Wall:

To apply finish on a concrete wall, first, you need to apply two to three coats of sealer like Acrylic or Urethane sealers. This will make the walls durable and prevent moisture from seeping in. The next step is to apply one or two coats of primer. Choose a standard and oil-based one that can be mixed with paint for application. Finally, you can apply flat-finish paint or block filler paints on the walls for a glossy and colorful look.

On – 16 Apr, 2018 By David Fenton

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