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Concria Training- transform your swing machine into a concrete polishing device

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Concria solves concrete floor cleaning problems by cleaning, smoothing, and polishing — sleeking — the floor surface. After using Concria’s sleeking method, dirt and grime no longer collects on the concrete, and your dusting problem is a thing of the past. The harder and smoother — sleeker — surface, the easier and cheaper it is to maintain.

The Concria sleeking system is one of the most economical, cost-effective ways to look after new, as well as old, industrial concrete floors. Low maintenance, long-lasting durability and reduced tire wear make Concria easy on the wallet, while giving you a beautiful flooring system at the same time.

A concrete floor is naturally uneven — you cannot necessarily see it, but you can feel it when touching the surface. Due to this micro-roughness ordinary cleaning can make the concrete floor cleaning problems even worse. Dirty wash water accumulates on the micro-rough surface and when it dries it swirls the dust up into the air — causing health risks, damaging items stored in the area and potentially damaging expensive machinery.

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