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The Best 4 Questions You Need to Ask When Interviewing Potential Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

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As a garage owner or operator, you appreciate the importance of quality craftsmanship. Once you decide to have commercial grade flooring installed in your garage you will begin the process of interviewing potential epoxy garage floor installers. Here are the 4 questions you should ask first.

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Is Flooring Your Specialty?

There is a difference between someone who has installed epoxy once or twice and someone who specializes in epoxy—particularly commercial grade garage flooring. While epoxy may not be the only type of flooring they install, it must be one of the main areas of focus. Help to narrow things down by checking their website prior to the interview.

What Are My Options?

Whether over the phone or they are standing right in front of you, a technician who understands the durability and functionality required in your garage will immediately be able to answer this question. They will talk you through the importance of a 100% epoxy, with multiple layers. They will also talk to you about your options of choosing a color or pattern and the benefits of opting for something other than standard grey.

Can I Review Your Portfolio?

Anyone who truly specializes in garage flooring will have a portfolio with before and after photographs that they are eager to share. This will include other automotive shops, as well as other commercial applications such as retailers, healthcare facilities, schools, and car dealerships. Along with their portfolio, they should be able to direct you to their online consumer reviews and provide you with at least 1 or 2 clients who would be happy to share their firsthand experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Epoxy?

You already understand at least a few benefits of epoxy flooring, but epoxy garage floor installers will be able to speak to the full scope of their potential. Some of the top benefits include:

  • A non-slip, temperature resistant, extreme impact, and fire-resistant flooring option.
  • Durable and sustainable flooring that can last up to 20 years.
  • Chemical resistant flooring that won’t break down in the presence of oil, grease, and other common garage chemicals.
  • A fast and easy installation that won’t require significant downtime, 2 to 4 days tops.
  • Low maintenance cleaning with a broom or air blower, and mopping with a diluted vinegar mixture.
  • High gloss finishes reflect light making your garage feel lighter and brighter.
  • Customized flooring that can brand your business, and provide a comfortable environment for employees and customers alike.

Save Asking About Price For Last

As you can see, asking about price was not on the list of top 4 questions. While you certainly need your new flooring to fit your budget, your priority is finding someone who is an expert. As you know, cheaper doesn’t mean better.

If you live in the Vancouver area and are looking for an epoxy expert, look no further than Pro Level Concrete. We are professional epoxy garage floor installers who specialize in high quality, yet competitively priced commercial flooring.

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