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Polished VS Dyed Concrete – What’s The Difference?

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Many people want to know… What is the difference between polished concrete that has been dyed compared to acid stained concrete?

This is a good question. I think the main thing to remember is that polished concrete is a "mechanical" process, while acid staining concrete floors is a "reactive" process.

When you polish a concrete floor, you are taking the floor through a mechanical process by using successive diamond grits to refine the floor (just like granite counter-tops are made).

Dye can be added during the process. These dyes basically add a translucent tint to the concrete floor changing the color. They do not add mottling or other characters to the floor; it just changes the color of the existing floor. The floor is then densified, making it a harder surface and the polishing process continues.

Polished concrete floors are very popular due to their low maintenance and "refined" look. Our polish level 2 kit is very popular and makes polished concrete a doable option for those that don’t have access to massive grinding and polishing machines or don’t want to pay to buy or rent them.

Staining concrete with our acid stain is probably the most traditional method to add color to a concrete floor. It is a very simple process where the concrete is prepped with our 30 grit diamond satellite pad, the acid stain is applied, then the floor has a clear sealer applied. The thing to remember about acid stains is that they are reactive and create various colors by reacting with elements from within the concrete.

If you’re looking for some neat character, this is the floor for you. We have made the process of staining concrete very easy. The important thing to remember is to properly prepare your floor. We stress our diamond pads because they deep clean and leave a surface profile.

Please do not use muriatic acid on your concrete prior to staining. It will harm the outcome of your stain and is very dangerous to use.


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