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Polished Concrete – What You Need to Know

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Wondering what type of flooring to put in your home? What about concrete!
Especially if you’re already building your house on a slab, as you don’t need to go purchase additional materials.

Concrete is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. It retains heat during the day, and releases it at night, and works really well as a substrate for in-floor hydronic heating.

A concrete floor is typically 2-4 inches thick. The surface can be polished and finished with concrete floor stain to produce colors and patterns.
In this video we also raise the question of: “is concrete sustainable”?
Concrete does take a lot of energy to produce, so you’ll want to look for local producer who’s concrete has a high content of recycled material and fly ash.

Finally, did you know that mortar, a cement made of heated lime, sand, and water, that hardens over time with exposure to air, was first made over 7,000 years ago in the Middle Eastern region? It was an early precursor to cement, which is a key component of modern concrete.

Looking for more examples of concrete floors being used in homes? Check out more info and photos here:

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