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Metallic Epoxy Resin Dirty Pour Done Over Existing Floor | Installing Epoxy Floor Made Easy

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This floor was done at the space station with Shonduras and the crew!
It was done over existing concrete. We used the dirty pour technique to get
this look!

Leggari Floor Kits were designed to transform your floors into something
new and unique by coating your existing concrete, tile, or wood flooring.
Floor Kits are fun and easy to install. You can have a designer floor that will
last for decades in 2 days with our unique floor kits, custom made to your
projects square footage.
Our Metallic Epoxy is a next generation system that’s 100% pure solids
using the finest raw materials that includes proprietary additives for
working time, thickness, flow and marbleization that are vital when
achieving our dynamic effects . Our Metallic Epoxy is a decorative, durable
and chemical resistant coating, available with a High Gloss or Matte
Finish.If you can paint your flooring then you’re more than qualified to
install a Leggari Floor Kit. Our Metallic Epoxy Floor System is leading the
decorative resin industry for thickness, durability and scratch resistance
with our High Wear Top Coats.
Our Metallic Epoxy Floor System is the thickest, most durable user friendly
coating on the market hands down. Our floor kits go down at 45 square feet
per gallon while our competitors are installing epoxy floor systems at a
coverage of 60 to 120 square feet per gallon. When you install epoxy that

thin you will never get the dynamic looks, flow, marbleization, and effects
that our Metallic Epoxy System creates. When you choose our system
you’re getting an industrial grade product with proprietary additives
specifically designed to create longer working time before setting up. It will
bond better, last longer, has higher scratch resistance and it is 2x to 3x
thicker than any other product available while still having competitive
pricing. Order with confidence knowing you’re getting the best system
available that has been tested and proven.

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