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DIY Kitchen Cabinets Ep 10 – Making Concrete Countertops!

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Alright! Concrete countertops are awesome, and in this video I show how to build a highly custom countertop by creating a unique mold. This countertop has an integrated drainboard, large round corners surrounding a deep double hole granite farmhouse sink, and a nice thick look. I embedded some unique accents that you won’t see anywhere else: a crescent wrench, fork and spoon! This countertop was cast with the Concrete Exchange’s DFRC: a fiber reinforced concrete that allows you to skip using rebar and steel as a reinforcement. It creates a countertop that is a lot lighter than standard concrete, and uses less materials.

Download the SketchUp file for my kitchen here, which includes the countertop:
I have another file with the mold design; if you wish to see it email me.

This is a continuation of my "DIY Kitchen Cabinets" series of videos; check out the other videos in this playlist:

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