February 27, 2020

Stamped Concrete Gone Bad-Corn Crib-Part Three of Three

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This video shows the flaws in the stamped concrete after the Brickform colorant and release were power washed off the fully cured slab. Chris, the concrete contractor, applied the products incorrectly, finished the slab in a hurry before the concrete had cured enough and didn't remedy the imperfections as he did the stamping process. Using more mats would have helped decrease the number of poorly stamped joints. The Quarry Red colorant should have been applied first and according to manufacturer specifications. The Yellow Buff should have been the release agent. I learned a great deal, regretably, by watching the work progress. The slab can be repaired by patching the blemishes, grinding down the ridges and coloring with an acid stain and other Brickform products. YouTube has How-To videos made by the Brickform company that show the correct methods for applying their products and what can be don't to fix mistakes. Anyone interested in the correct procedures should view the Brickform videos.

Video length: 10:08
Category: Howto & Style

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