Poor Quality and Ethics

In August 2019, we hired Marvin to epoxy our kitchen floor, pantry, laundry, and 1/2 bathroom (approx 450 square feet). From beginning to end, we cannot recommend Marvin. In fact, I am warning anyone considering hiring Marvin, do not hire him. There are other concrete flooring contractors in the area and hiring him is not worth the risk.

Among many troubling reasons, the quality of the work is unacceptable and Marvin has refused to return and fix the floor. During the process, we asked questions because we had concerns, but Marvin reassured us saying to have faith, trust him, and everything will be exactly as we asked. Because we believed him, our floor is ruined. The floor is uneven, which is extreme in some places, the epoxy was not mixed or spread out properly, the coloring not mixed properly and has streaks and stains throughout the floor, there are bits of concrete showing through, and the floor scratches easily which is a problem with the sealer. The list is long with problems. The entire floor needs to be redone because of Marvin’s poor quality work. The effect on an uneven floor alone has created problems with cabinets needing to be shimmed to the extreme (from 0 to over an inch in level change). The kitchen has been delayed, and we’ve had to work around a problematic floor. We’ve talked with many professionals in the field since the floor was done. The outcome is we will have to hire someone, costing us thousands to restore the floor back to its original condition, and install a floor that is not going to put us in this same position again. When this is finally resolved, the floor will probably have cost us $15-20 per square foot. Outrageous! Marvin is directly responsible.

We hired Marvin because of the photos of his work on Facebook and his website, along with a few testimonies. When he arrived to quote the work, he told us a story about his wife dying while giving birth to his only son. Naturally, this was an emotional pull our hearts, and we hired him. Later, we later learned that Marvin tells stories frequently (i.e., his mother has died on 5 separate occasions, his daughter has died in a drowning). Apparently, it’s common knowledge that Marvin tells these disturbing stories. Early in the process when Marvin was expected to be at our house working, he did not show and did not communicate. Hours later, when I texted him about when is he going to show up, he replied with an elaborate text explaining how he has been stranded on I-95 for two hours because of a flat tire, and that his truck would be towed to a tire shop in my town. The truck would be there overnight. He would Uber to our house to work the remainder of the day, and the details went on and on. So much of it made no sense to us, since he was supposed to be bringing all the product that day. He never showed up. I drove to the tire shop and his truck was not there. When he arrived on another day, not one tire was new.

You cannot rely on the quality of his work can you cannot trust his word. We will be filing a small claims suit and/or filing a complain with BBB. We hope no one ever has to experience Marvin’s dishonest and extreme poor quality work.

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